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Cyberdyne is coming with the world latest technology of robot

A Japanese Company Cyberdyne is coming whit the world latest technology of robot. It is very interested to know that really it is very interesting device because it helps to disable people, we can know it the name of this device, HAL or Hybrid Assistive limb, it is a very unimaginative robotic suit for all robotic fans who are waiting for something special in this robotic field. This unimaginative robotic suit is very helpful for all disable and elderly people because it has the quality of reading brain signal and has far reaching benefits. This technology is the latest technology for the robotic field and it based on the computerized technology which has come with sensors device. In this robotic suit, reads brain signal and directs limb movement always comes through the skin which helps to disable and elderly people for moving around. It is very easy to use for them because it is worn as a belt around the waist and operated by a22 pound battery.
The Japanese company has come with this product of the cost of $1,500 for a monthly rental fee. Why we are saying so much about this interesting product because it really works so well how, first it has a sensor whish help for capture the brain signal and it goes thorough mechanical legs braces strapped to the thighs and knees. Which then provide robotic help to disable people where they want to move any where? Really this product are very useful and it will be very useful and helpful for medical line where a lot of disable people who can not do any thing whit out any help so Japanese are really such a god for them who are bringing this helpful robotic suit.

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