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Canon EOS 650D - Introducing commercial

Canon EOS 650D
Can a single camera really cater for both beginners and enthusiasts? The new Canon EOS 650D can. Richard Bradford explores how…
The EOS 650D is a camera you could hand over to anyone in the family - just set it to Scene Intelligent Auto mode and let the camera worry about the technicalities. Or if you are still learning about photography, you could use the Basic+ modes to start overriding some of the camera's automatic settings without having to jump in at the deep end, while a Feature Guide explains what the camera settings do and why. But this isn't a dumbed-down point and shoot camera. The EOS 650D offers all the manual exposure, focus and picture controls you'd expect in a semi-professional model, and, best of all, these manual options aren't buried under layers of menus. Both novices and experts will find the EOS 650D efficient, fast and intuitive to use.
View the training video to learn more about the new advance features of the EOS 650D.
Major highlights include the fold-out high resolution vari-angle touch screen LCD display, which you can use to compose shots in live view mode or to shoot movies. The screen is quick to respond and can support a variation of multi-touch gestures, such as pinching and swiping - making it simple to access shooting modes, alter settings and even capture a shot using the screen alone. The vari-angle LCD allows the screen to be angled and tilted to suit virtually any situation to capture inspiring photographs.
Movies are captured in full HD and, if you want to explore more advanced video techniques, you can take full control over the exposure settings as you shoot. With Video Snapshot mode, anyone can create fun, entertaining, fast-paced videos with a professionally-edited feel. In fact the 650D is every bit as good as a professional-quality video as it is at stills, which is why many serious videographers are swapping over to this type of camera.
Other advanced features of the EOS 650D include Scene Intelligent Autoand Creative Filters allowing you to play with new 'Art Bold Effect' and 'Water Painting Effect' offering more easy ways to apply a creative twist to a shot.
In comparison to the EOS 600D, the 650D is even more ideal for shooting in low light without flash. The camera features a 100-12,800 ISO range, allowing the capture of natural looking photos with very little noise, while an expanded ISO 25,600 range also provides the ability to shoot in more extreme low-light conditions.
Overall Canon has done a great job of building professional picture quality and features into a design that's compact, easy-to-use and reasonably affordable for amateurs.
Verdict: If you're at all serious about photography and video, the EOS 650D should be one of the cameras on your shortlist.
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